Digital Learning Trends: The Power of Gamification


The war of talent is a reality in the market today.

Today's employees demand learning and self-development as part of their job description. With a labour market that is changing, how do companies go about attracting and retaining employees?

The traditional click-and-read e-learning is killing your employees and your company.

​Gamification is growing stronger than ever, and if you want to take your employees seriously, you cannot ignore the mechanics and power of gamification...

In this webinar, Anders (VP of Learning) and Martyna (Lead Learning Designer) will talk us through the newest learning trends, why they are relevant, and how to use them in your organisation.

What will you gain from this webinar:

  • Why you should create a person-centric learning experience
  • What is gamification, and does it work?
  • See real examples made for customers like McDonald's, B&O, and Danske Bank
  • Best practises to help you implement learning to attract retain talent

The entire webinar lasts 30 minutes and there will be time to ask questions directly to Anders and Martyna.

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Anders Juul

VP of Learning, Learningbank

Martyna Dambrauskaite

Lead Learning Designer, Learningbank