Keep your frontline employees up-to-date - with digital communication and learning

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torsdag den 11. juni 2020

Agility and adaptability are keywords to succeed. With constant change new internal challenges arises: How does leaders prepare and involve their employees in new processes and changes to make them feel capable, confident, and comfortable in their roles?

In this webinar we will cover how you can create a smooth and positive employee experience for your frontline personnel with a focus on learning and communication.


What will you gain from this webinar:

  • What requirements do employees have for their employers today - and how has that changed?
  • How can organizations meet employee requirements through effective communication and learning?
  • Examples of how businesses have used communication and learning to create a positive employee experience


Length: 45 minutes

Q&A: Yes, you will be able to ask questions during the live session!

Contact: Any questions, reach out to marketing@learningbank.io or get in touch on +45 27 63 20 16

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OBS! For the best webinar experience, we recommend watching this webinar on your computer using Google Chrome as your browser. Make sure to also be on a stable internet connection.

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