Nordic Learning Trends 2020


A new decade is here. New ways of learning too.

Discover the hottest Learning Trends in 2020, see the solutions to the challenges, and how you can prepare your workforce for a new decade. 

Our Nordic Learning Trends Report 2020 is now published! We have asked more than 100+ HR & L&D professionals, leaders, marketeers, and people working with learning about the trends. We analyzed their answers, and now, we’ll dive into the findings.   

Join Journalist & Content Manager Sidsel Nørgaard when she interviews Katrine Schelbli, COO, and discusses this newly published Learning Trends Report 2020.  

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The latest learning challenges and top priorities in Nordic organizations and HR departments 
  • The most popular learning content, types, and topics   
  • Learning outcomes versus measuring effective learning impact  

The entire webinar lasts 30 minutes and there will be time to ask questions directly to Sidsel & Katrine.

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We are looking forward to seeing you soon! :)

Katrine Schelbli

Chief Operating Officer

Sidsel Nørgaard

Content Manager